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About Us


Feel In The Beauty was created by a young of team of cosmetics enthusiasts to be the go-to store for all cosmetics lovers. Our collection, which is continuously growing features a wide range of cosmetics and products fashion accessories.

In just a few months since our launch in mid-2020, we have acquired a considerable fan base in. We are dedicated to improving the quality of our products and service each day and making our website a truly "happy place" for cosmetics lovers.

Why buy from Feel In The Beauty?

  • We are very choosy about the suppliers that we work with. We strive to maintain a high quality of service and deliver the orders within the minimum possible time.
  • We are accountable for what we sell. Our refund policy ensures that you do not need to pay excessive shipping costs to return a defective item to us when it's our fault Instead, we send you a replacement or an equivalent shopping voucher. (For more information, read our Refund Policy.)
  • We offer 100% free delivery on all orders to customers in over 50 Countries.